Prayer Request

Anonymous, January 24, 2021 - 5:18 am

Please pray for me for my health God heal my right eyes and my stomach pain my body and keep my wife and my daughter and my son good health. My son he Autistic he 28 years old its very hard to raise a son autistic sometimes he wont let us go to church he wont go in I miss my church so much and, brothers lots of churches don’t know how to work autistic and don’t have no program for them . Ask you to keep my son in your prayers always God control him, one day God will allow him to speak lose his tongue Pray for my wife God open a the door for her business to grow strong my daughter one day find Jesus Christ savior. God help my son sleep at night.
Matthew 7.7,8. Please ask your church to pray for my family .John 3:1

God heal my son he has bad psoriasis his body doctor tried so many medication does not work and heal his pain.
God heal my son he haven’t had seizure for long time pray for him he autistic he 28 years old doesn't talk God help him sleep at night he has a hard time