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David Nye
     Hello, my name is David and I am blessed to be married to my bride Shirley of 27+ years.  We have 5 children Sarah, David, Stephen, Jacob and Jonathan ranging from 26 to 5 years of age.  We are a military family and have moved a bunch but I have recently retired from the Air Force after 28+ years.  Anchorage  is our home, with my wife’s family and our adult children living here with a couple grands, keeps us anchored.  My road to salvation was off and on again.  I went to church as a teen in the bus ministry, and was baptized even.   However you would never have known it, crazy high school years.   Joined the military and stationed overseas lived in the world and was a part of it, although my neighbor in the dorm tried to reach me.  It took a wonderful godly young lady to get my attention.   I met Shirley in San Diego when on leave and began to go back to church with her, married a few years later and then truly gave my heart to our Lord when I was 28, baptized again this time once and for all, and never looked back.
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